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Enjoy speed and independence with our virtual servers

Our virtual servers are reliable, flexible, and highly cost-effective. As leaders in the Israeli virtual server market, we rise above the rest when it comes to service, speed, and professionalism. Our virtual servers empower your business to run any website or application inside a secure virtual machine. Our virtual services offer 99.9% uptime guaranteed. Control your virtual server with ease via an easy to use control panel, allowing your business processes to run seamlessly. Enjoy simplicity, seamless use, and scalability with Interhost’s virtual servers.

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A quality SSD Virtual Private Server (VPS) is crucial to ensuring your server is running and online without interruption

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Directadmin VPS

DirectAdmin VPS gives you the control and flexibility that your business needs to succeed

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cPanel VPS

Interhost’s cPanel VPS is positioned to use few resources so your precious memory is allocated toward your website

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Linux VPS

Interhost’s Linux VPS offerings will set your business ahead of the rest

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Windows VPS

VPS hosting is your answer to shedding performance issues and bandwidth limits that come with shared hosting

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A great hosting provider has the ability to ensure your SEO gets the boost it needs to reach more people