Israel Data Center Services

Guaranteed Peace of Mind

Robust up to 200Gbps bandwidth connectivity With our BGP protocol support, we can provide BGP peering service to our customers with BGP communities and flowspec support. Reliant and stable IP routing is essential for the security of your business.

Rapid, robust, and reliable, Interhost’s Israeli data center services guarantee exceptional network connectivity, hermetic security, and low latency.

We offer the highest bandwidth capacity in Israel and an uplink to every ISP in the country, with stable IP routing and close to zero downtime. Data protection is assured through usage of F5 ASM WAF and advanced anti-DDOS solutions that provide unparalleled web security.

Top-notch Technology, Powerful Performance:

● Unmetered bandwidth (up to 200Gbps per server/switch)
● ISP licenseing
● Professional 24- hour dedicated support and management
● Tier-3 Israel data centers
● Multihommed carrier neutral BGP network
● Flexible per “U“ (rack unit) colocation options

Versatility, Stability, Scalability & Security

Interhost’s industry-leading Israeli data center services can be tailored to suit business of all sizes, from every vertical, providing stable internet connectivity and unlimited bandwidth. Our fully customizable colocation services guarantee security and reliability, within a powerful hosting environment. 

Meanwhile, our innovative IP Transit services ensure consistent high performance, with global internet connectivity to major content & eyeball networks. Our communication lines connect your operation to the internet, safely and consistently, enabling us to provide scalable solutions to meet the growing needs of your business.

We also offer an array of managed services. Interhost eradicates downtime with top-quality server management and server optimization services that guarantee high-speed and peak performance, while reducing latency. Our GSLB & Anycast routing solution and advanced F5 load balancing services ensure the highest levels of availability while our AV/AS Mail Gateway and firewall services provide airtight security for your business’s data and users.

 Interhost also offers expert, complementary managed monitoring solutions, as well as highly effective cloud based multilayer DDOS mitigation tools, that significantly minimize risk of downtime. In addition, our Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) peering service, with BGP communities and flowspec support maximizes security and stability, while our data center and cloud migration services enable you to migrate physical or virtual servers with ease.

Uninterrupted Success

Guaranteeing the highest levels of speed and efficiency, Interhost is the only multi-homed Israeli data center services provider. Connected to multiple ISPs, we ensure continuous availability and top-tier connection quality, while offering dedicated support from professional, informed representatives ready to meet your needs, in your language, 24 hours a day.

So, what are you waiting for?

dedicated servers


Enjoy continuity of business and let us ensure the performance of IT equipment

dedicated servers

IP Transit

Enjoy unparalleled reach and extensive global internet connectivity

dedicated servers

Managed Services

From F5 LoadBalancing to Server Optimization to Managed Monitoring, we’ve got your business covered.